SCMP Online Module 7 - Supply Chain Management for the Public Sector - Winter 2023

Jan 18, 2023



12:00 AM


January 18 - March 8, 2023


Brightspace - D2L Virtual Platform


Join us for self-paced and self-study SCMP Online modules. We design our program keeping in mind the convenience of our accreditation candidates, most of who are working professionals and therefore value time alongside excellence in supply chain education.

The goal of this module is to develop the abilities of SCMP candidates to become more acquainted with the issues and strategy of public sector supply chain management.  This module is supported by a variety of articles on public sector procurement and supply chain management, along with some website references.


Upon completion of this module candidates should be able to:

  • Describe the unique characteristics of public sector procurement.
  • Identify the stakeholders of public sector supply chains.
  • Understand the unique public (vs. private) sector perspective on supply chain management.
  • Discover the advantages and disadvantages of collaborative procurement.
  • Explain the rationale for competitive bidding in public procurement.
  • Describe the alternatives to competitive bidding (e.g., negotiation and sole sourcing), and identify conditions under which these alternatives could or should be used.
  • Identify the potential benefits and legal issues in public sector online tenders.
  • Describe the unique aspects of ethics in the public sector.
  • Identify lessons for the public sector from the ethics commission reports and scandals.
  • Assume the role of "whistleblower" and consider alternative courses of action.
  • Identify unique challenges and opportunities associated with procurement and supply chain management by the federal government.
  • Identify unique challenges and opportunities associated with procurement and supply chain management by provincial and municipal governments.
  • Understand unique aspects of procurement and supply chain management in the health care and education sectors.
  • In an advisory role to a public sector health care authority, make a recommendation on joining a third-party purchasing cooperative.
  • Describe how sustainability should be a part of the value proposition.


  • LouAnn Birkett
  • Glynn Hancott
  • Rashpal Uppal-Assi


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