Contract Management Strategies for Success

Nov 01, 2023


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Zoom Virtual Platform


Organizations in both the public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance. Effective Contract Management, which is often overlooked and presents significant challenges is crucial to improving the financial bottom line, enhancing supplier relationship management, mitigating risk, optimizing operational performance and successful project completion.

This seminar will explore 7 key challenges to successful Contract Management including:

  • Managing Supplier Relationships

  • Contract Formation

  • Everyday Management

  • Risk Assessment

  • The Unexpected

  • Effective and Secure Use of IT

  • Legal Framework

While this seminar will look at contract development with a view to enhancing Contract Management, the focus of this course will be on the implementation, management and administration of a contract already in place. This seminar will focus on strategies for contract management programs and policies, performance measures, risk management, subcontractors, effective payment mechanisms and anticipating the unexpected such as contingency planning, escalation procedures and change management.  In addition, strategies for dealing with topical IT concerns will be examined such as cybersecurity management and avoiding cybersecurity breaches that can impact a contract or project in place and pose significant contractual and organizational risks. The strategies presented have a wide application and will be useful in managing most types of contracts, including capital equipment, services, IT and goods.

This seminar combines a broad view of contract management and an integrated approach for you and your organization.  Whether you are a procurement or project management professional, a contract specialist or administering contracts in your daily activities, this practical program will give you tools and tactics you need to deliver success for your organization.  

The format for this seminar is interactive including review of practical take-away strategies, case studies, checklists and exercises that will assist you in dealing with your day to day contract issues.  Ideally suited for anyone involved in creating or understanding contracts in both public and private sectors.


Debby Shapero Propp

Debby Shapero Propp is a commercial lawyer with a focus on procurement, technology and health law and has provided legal services in the private, public and broader public sectors for over 25 years.  Debby both provides advice on challenging procurement initiatives and major group procurements and develops and implements procurement processes and related agreements. Debby acts for her clients in major technology acquisitions and negotiations for both traditional and emerging technologies.

Debby is a seasoned and dedicated public presenter and instructor and regularly teaches across Canada. Drawing on her experience working both with a wide range of clients and as in-house counsel, over the last number of years Debby has developed practical and well-received professional development seminars that are being presented across Canada for private, public and broader public organizations. Debby also regularly writes for Canadian publications.

Debby is a founding and active member of the Health Lawyer Network, which provides a broad range of legal and educational services.

Debby has been recognized as one of the 100 Influential Women in Canadian Supply ChainTM  and is the only recipient in the Legal Services Category

For more information about Debby, you can visit her website at or contact her at


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