Drafting a Statement of Work

Dec 06, 2023


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December 6 - 9:00AM - 12:30PM ET
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A Statement of Work (“SOW”) can play a critical role in planning, procurement and contracting. A well developed SOW is at the heart of strategic procurement and contracting.  This course reviews the importance and benefits of a SOW, legal and risk considerations, what makes an effective SOW and how your organization can benefit from an SOW. Participants will be provided with take-away strategies, a pro-forma SOW template that will be worked with during this interactive course and a tip sheet on drafting a SOW.

This course is designed for anyone involved in creating, understanding, implementing or responsible for drafting or using a Statement of Work.

Program Overview and Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be familiar with the following

  • Why – Addressing Challenges o Addresses various challenges faced and why a SOW is as an effective solution for service delivery and contracting. Each of the following is explored 
    • Describing the Work
    • Assumptions
    • Measuring Performance
    • Contract Management
    • Scope Creep
    • Minimizing Risk
  • Importance & Benefits o Examine key considerations regarding the importance & benefits of using an effective SOW  
  • Inception of the SOW o Provides a short historical perspective and discussion of different types of SOWs
  • Understanding & Definitions o Look at various definitions of SOW and other related terminology
  • When to Write a SOW o At the Planning, RFx and Contract Stage
  • Legal and Risk Considerations o Look at selected legal and risk considerations in using a SOW at the Planning, RFx and Contract Stage
  • Components of a SOW o Review the components of a SOW – Introduction, Requirements, Contract Management,

Definitions and Schedules and additional documents o Start to look at the Pro Forma SOW Template has been developed for use with a practicebased orientation - this SOW Template will form the basis of a discussion 

  • An Effective SOW o Review the qualities of an effective SOW o Review the Top 10 Indicators of an ineffective SOW
  • Contractor’s Perspective o Consider a different vantage point and look at a SOW from a Contractor’s Perspective
  • Authors of SOW o In organizations there are often multiple authors of a SOW – this addresses a strategy where there are multiple authors
  • Strategies from the Trenches o Multiple strategies are provided for using a SOW
  • Technical Specifications o Often technical specifications are a key part of a SOW. This section addresses complex technical specifications requirements under the trade agreements (CFTA and CETA), an analysis of addressing technical specifications in a procurement and related cases that provide insight and practical application
  • Writing Tips o Explore the use of templates – including a SOW o Tripartite writing tips 
    • Questions to ask when drafting a SOW
    • What to avoid when drafting a SOW
    • What to do when drafting a SOW o How detailed should a SOW be o Contract drafting rules
  • SOW – Measuring Performance o As measuring performance is an important part of a service and often integrated in a SOW, the following will be looked at: Why, Development Process, SMART Methodology, Metrics and KPI, and Integration in a SOW
  • Risk Mitigation Analysis o Look at a Risk Mitigation Analysis and its relation to a SOW
  • Supplier Relationship Management o The importance of supplier relationship management is reviewed in the context of updated and developing case law
  • Final Thoughts – Using a SOW o Discussion of some of the overarching thoughts and best practices to keep in mind when drafting a SOW


Debby Shapero Propp

Debby Shapero Propp is a commercial lawyer with a focus on procurement, technology and health law and has provided legal services in the private, public and broader public sectors for over 25 years.  Debby both provides advice on challenging procurement initiatives and major group procurements and develops and implements procurement processes and related agreements. Debby acts for her clients in major technology acquisitions and negotiations for both traditional and emerging technologies.

Debby is a seasoned and dedicated public presenter and instructor and regularly teaches across Canada. Drawing on her experience working both with a wide range of clients and as in-house counsel, over the last number of years Debby has developed practical and well-received professional development seminars that are being presented across Canada for private, public and broader public organizations. Debby also regularly writes for Canadian publications.

Debby is a founding and active member of the Health Lawyer Network, which provides a broad range of legal and educational services.

Debby has been recognized as one of the 100 Influential Women in Canadian Supply ChainTM  and is the only recipient in the Legal Services Category

For more information about Debby, you can visit her website at www.shaperopropp.ca or contact her at debby@shaperopropp.ca.


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