Contract Fundamentals and Negotiations

Apr 09, 2024


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April 9 - 9:00AM - 12:30PM ET
April 10 - 9:00AM - 12:30PM ET


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Contracting and negotiating often pose complex challenges, risks and hurdles for organizations. As organizations look for ways of making those responsible for contracting and negotiating more effective, reliance on knowledgeable and trained staff will continue to play an important role. In this course, you will learn strategies to improve your understanding of contracts and to developing more robust contracts. You will explore the difference between and how to apply different negotiation styles, learn about key negotiation issues and how they practically impact your work, understand different negotiation strategies and how to avoid common negotiation pitfalls. Whether you are contracting or negotiating for a mega-deal or working on a low-key project, this 1-day course will provide you with updated strategies, best practices and skills to deal with contracting and negotiating.

Developed with a good balance between practice and theory, if you want to address ways to improve your contracting or negotiating skills for your organization and mitigate risk, whether in the public or private sector, this course will have something for you, including interactive exercises, take-away strategies and a tip sheet for negotiations for convenient reference.


This course has been designed for anyone involved in creating, understanding or responsible for developing or working with contracts and undertaking negotiations for their organization. If you are looking for a hybrid course on updated contract fundamentals and negotiations – this is the course.

Program Overview and Learning Outcomes

Participants will get a better and updated understanding of the following:

Part 1 Contract Fundamentals


  • Contract Development
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Service Contracting
  • Strategies to enhance contract development such as
    • Understanding and utilizing due diligence
    • Focusing on the end game
    • Recognizing and having performance measurements work for you
    • Avoiding contract ghosts
    • Addressing confidentiality issues
    • Paying attention to form
    • Getting the most out of your terms and conditions


Part 2 Negotiations


  • What is Negotiation
  • Reasons for Negotiations
  • Types of Negotiations
  • Contractor’s Perspective
  • Negotiation Process
  • Good Faith in Negotiations
  • Negotiation in Procurement
  • Negotiation strategies
    • Questions to ask
    • Avoiding common negotiation pitfalls

Practices to consider/adopt 


Debby Shapero Propp

Debby Shapero Propp is a commercial lawyer with a focus on procurement, technology and health law and has provided legal services in the private, public and broader public sectors for over 25 years.  Debby both provides advice on challenging procurement initiatives and major group procurements and develops and implements procurement processes and related agreements. Debby acts for her clients in major technology acquisitions and negotiations for both traditional and emerging technologies.

Debby is a seasoned and dedicated public presenter and instructor and regularly teaches across Canada. Drawing on her experience working both with a wide range of clients and as in-house counsel, over the last number of years Debby has developed practical and well-received professional development seminars that are being presented across Canada for private, public and broader public organizations. Debby also regularly writes for Canadian publications.

Debby is a founding and active member of the Health Lawyer Network, which provides a broad range of legal and educational services.

Debby has been recognized as one of the 100 Influential Women in Canadian Supply ChainTM  and is the only recipient in the Legal Services Category

For more information about Debby, you can visit her website at or contact her at


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