Legal Issues and Ethics in Supply Chain

Sep 07, 2022


7:00 PM


September 7 - December 7, 2022


Wednesdays, 7:00PM EST - 9:00PM EST


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Legal Issues and Ethics in Supply Chain is one of the required courses in the Diploma in Procurement and SCM program. It will be conducted in a webinar format using the Zoom platform. The webinars are not recorded. In this interactive course there is a grade for participation. Paid registrants will be sent a webinar registration link the night before the first session.

Textbook: Contemporary Canadian Business Law Principles & Cases © 2015 by John A. Willes & John H. Willes. 12th edition, 9781259030765 • 1259030768

Please go to this website to purchase the textbook 


The goal of the course is to expose participants to business law in Canada.  Law is a means of social control as well as a method by which disputes are resolved.  This course will discuss the law as it relates to administering business contracts.   Laws are made by governments in the form of statutes, and by the courts as the Common Law.

  • Describe the key instruments and tools which need to be addressed in every supply management transaction, regardless of the product, service or location of the source.
  • Determine the scope of business transactions in order to mitigate liability and risk to the organization and employees.
  • Gain an understanding of business law in Canada and identify different ways of addressing trade disputes.
  • Understand the legal and business requirements for developing contracts, performance metrics and successfully execute them.
  • Performing comprehensive legal research and applying it in a case study
  • Presenting analysis orally, and arguing it orally
  • Define law, explore its origins and examine methods of enforcement
  • Recognize the most usual SCM ethical issues and professional liability issues and resolving them in a professional manner
  • Apply the lessons learned about the extent of performance required to discharge a contract
  • Properly conduct him or herself in accordance with the SCM standards
  • Examine the way the law of agency impacts on forms of business
  • Assess the nature of a corporation and the process of incorporation
  • Distinguish between conditions and warranties in a contract
  • Understand the role of various payments methods and the law relating to them
  • Apply the forms of insurance and how they are using in risk management


Glynn Hancott

Glynn Hancott is a transformative supply chain professional who has delivered positive change within the industry through his enthusiasm and dedication in developing a clear vision, strategic mindset and always staying ahead of the curve.

A proud public servant with over 30 years’ experience in supply chain management, Glynn has been a catalyst for increased productivity and savings within the Ontario Public Service. As the Manager of Procurement Planning and Corporate Services in the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Glynn was instrumental in streamlining many key procurement business processes, such as the renewal process for I&IT software licenses and annual maintenance and support. This resulted in reduced spending, stronger vendor relationships and has enabled staff to focus on more strategic activities. Dynamic and with a passion for building rapport with individuals, he has forged lasting working relationships with staff and senior leaders who respect his commitment to deliver results through problem-solving and innovation.  

While the savings achieved through streamlined and centralized processes can be quantified, the commitment and passion Glynn have in mentoring our future workforce and professionals is priceless. He is a strong believer in investing in youth and young professionals as they will continue to advance the industry. As a testament to his inspiring and motivating teaching style, students of his supply chain management courses have shown their gratitude over the years through heartfelt letters of appreciation and in one course, a surprise celebration was organized for him on the last day of class.

Glynn was given the Award of Excellence Team Effectiveness from the City of Mississauga for his superior performance and team effort that exemplified the vision of team excellence within the City of Mississauga for the World Organization Team. He also won the Award for Integrated Service Delivery for leading a team consisting of members from legal services, information technology, public affairs, material management and the eCity Team for the eCity Portal, which focused on the needs of customers by working together to eliminate barriers and provide excellent customer service.

True to character, Glynn received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) in 2015. Also, in 2015, Glynn was awarded The Lewis E. Spangler Award from the International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management.

Prior to his tenure in the public sector, he made his mark in the pharmaceutical and electronics industries where he played a key role in identifying savings across divisions in Bayer, which led to recognition through the President’s Gold Cross Award from Bayer Inc. for developing synergies across the organization.

A member of the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMAO) since 1978, and a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) since 1999, Glynn is proud to have contributed to the supply chain industry’s evolution from its role in creating operational efficiencies to having a seat at the table in strategic conversations. A notable example is how many of the most successful organizations are building entire business models around supply chain management.

Glynn is equally zealous about sports, specifically football and hockey. He finds many parallels in sports with the role of the supply chain. A hockey team’s passing ability for example, is analogous with a supply chain’s linkage to all players in the end-to-end business.

When asked what he believes to be one of the most important tools for success, he undoubtedly says education. Many years ago, while on a trip to a less privileged nation, Glynn saw first-hand how the absence of widely accessible formal education created barriers for its citizens, who struggled to build a future for themselves and their families. Upon returning from his trip, he made a promise to never take education for granted and has made a commitment to instil this value in those around him.

A compassionate and action-oriented leader who nurtures solutions from its conceptual seed to fruition, Glynn continues to strive for excellence both in his work and personal life. He believes the supply chain management industry has made significant advances over the years but knows there is still further potential to be unlocked. His investment in youth and the future generation is a testament to his vision that the best is yet to come.    


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