Ontario Member Exclusive: Indigenous Awareness Workshop

Aug 17, 2022



10:00 AM


Our vision is to deliver topics, information, and professional development opportunities to our Members that are relevant, timely, and accessible. Four our fiscal 2022-23 year, we have designed three free "Keystone Member-Exclusive" events with the purpose of offering you exceptional value for your investment in Membership. This workshop is the first in that series.

In order to facilitate your personal pathway into Indigenous Awareness, we have partnered with NVision, which is an Indigenous owned business, with established education and professional development curriculum among its many resources and offerings. https://nvisiongroup.ca/. Together we have focused our efforts on introducing fundamental information to support your path of learning as described below.

When Senator Murray Sinclair (retired), as chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission presented the Commission's reports and calls to action, he said,

"We have described for you a mountain. We have shown you the path to the top. We call on you to do the climbing."

This is a challenge to every Canadian and a powerful reminder that reconciliation must begin with understanding and awareness. Welcome on this path of learning to increase you indigenous cultural awareness and competency. To introduce you to the path, we are partnering with NVision to deliver excerpts from their established curriculum.

Topics for these webinars are taken from NVision’s six-hour virtual courses referenced below. We will not be presenting the full series, but rather will be focusing in on a selection of the webinars from the series:

  • The Path: Your Journey Through Indigenous Canada (Webinars 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • The Path: Building Indigenous Intercultural Capacity (Webinars 5, 6, 7)
  • The Path: Indigenous Engagement (Webinar 8)

Each topic is a 90-minute webinar, and during our two day workshop, we will be providing you with Webinar sessions 1, 4, 7 & 8 inclusive. Participants will be provided with a resource guide to accompany each webinar, as well as information about timing and costs associated, if you wish to pursue additional webinars beyond the ones we will be providing for you. Included in your workshop registration with SCMAO are the following:

Terminology and Origin Stories (Webinar 1 in NVision Path)

Your journey begins with an introduction to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis; who they are, and where and how they lived on this land we now call Canada. The webinar will help you to demystify the use of such terms as “Indian,” “Native,” “Aboriginal,” “Indigenous”, “First Nation,” “Inuit,” and “Métis”, and review and debunk some stereotypes and myths propagated in media and popular culture regarding Indigenous peoples. The webinar will introduce you to several First Nations and Inuit creation and origin stories. You will learn more about some of the current theories regarding the migrations of paleo-Indigenous peoples to the Americas and an overview of different Indigenous nations that populated Canada prior to European contact, including how and why we do land acknowledgements today.

Understanding Indigenous cultures and worldviews (Webinar 4 in NVision Path)

While First Nations, Inuit and Metis cultures and traditions are unique, this webinar outlines some of the common values and perspectives about land, family, language, and spirituality that demonstrate worldviews that differ from the dominant Western paradigm in Canada. These worldviews shape Indigenous perspectives, views, and behaviours today. This webinar also provides some considerations for building relationships with First Nations, Inuit and Metis individuals, communities, organizations and governments, what NVision calls ‘Increasing your IQ (your Indigenous Quotient).

Building Indigenous Intercultural Capacity (Webinar 7 in NVision Path)

This webinar will provide you with the skills necessary to build your Indigenous intercultural capacity such as: adaptation skills, self-knowledge, attitude of respect, intercultural communication, and other attitudes and skills to be anti-racist and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities, organizations, and governments. Indigenous Engagement (Webinar 8 in NVision Path) In this webinar, participants will learn about the importance (and often legal requirements) of Indigenous engagement and consultation, clarifying terms such as co-manage, co-develop, engage, and consult. The webinar provides a general awareness of Indigenous engagement principles, Indigenous Knowledge Systems in research methodology, community protocols (including OCAP), and Indigenous engagement in the context of Indigenous rights (including Supreme Court decisions and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


August 17, 2022
10:00–10:10am EDT – Opening and Introductions
10:10–11:40 am EDT – Terminology and Origin Stories 
11:40–12:25 pm  EDT – Lunch Break
12:25–1:55 pm EDT – Understanding Indigenous cultures and worldviews
1:55–2:20 pm EDT – Networking and small group discussion

August 18, 2022
10:00–11:30 am EDT -  Building Indigenous Intercultural Capacity  
11:30 am–12:15 pm EDT – Lunch Break
12:15–1:45 pm EDT-  Indigenous Engagement
1:45–2:15 pm EDT – Networking and small group discussion

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us to cancel if you are unable to attend the workshop, as capacity is limited and other members may be unable to access the event. Therefore, we request that you please let us know by August 10, 2022 if you are unable to attend the event. This will give us the opportunity to offer the seat to someone else on the waiting list. Thank you for your understanding.


Only Ontario members in good standing who have renewed their membership prior to registering are eligible to register and attend this member-exclusive complimentary workshop. If you have not renewed your membership yet for the year, please reach out Nancy Tran at ntran@scmao.ca.