Leadership Series 4.0: Supplier Diversity

Apr 27, 2023



8:45 AM


The term diversity has evolved over the last decade, but never quite as fast as it has in the last 2 years. While a few years back supplier diversity primarily referred to suppliers from underrepresented groups like women owned businesses, or small-scale businesses or minority owned businesses, today the realm of diversity has expanded to far more communities. It is no longer a choice, but an imperative for an organization to be consciously selective of their suppliers and give back to the customers by paving the way for underserved communities to shine. This day will tackle how supplier diversity strategy not just helps the suppliers but also your supply chain operations and customer expectation management.

The Leadership Series 3.0: Supplier Diversity was attended by 500+ supply chain professionals last year. And 20+ speakers from the industry who are driving supplier relations across multiple communities.



Watch some of the discussions that took place at the Leadership Series 3.0: Supplier Diversity.

Topics included:

  • Leadership Panel: Gaining Competitive Advantage and Operational Resilience Through Supplier Diversity

  • Connect with your colleagues and peers in the breakout rooms for a facilitated discussion

  • Driving Diversity and Sustainability Initiatives Through Supply Chain

  • Supplier Diversity: The Experience of Change Agents

  • Establishing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program

  • Diverse Suppliers Speak


All supply chain professionals from mid to senior level who are looking to build an ecosystem that support inclusivity of small and diverse businesses across Canada, for business growth, risk mitigation and to drive the Canadian economy.




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