Advanced Bias & Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI/DE&I) Workshop

Apr 05, 2023



1:00 PM


April 5: 1:00PM EST - 4:00PM EST

April 6: 1:00PM EST - 4:00PM EST


Zoom Virtual Platform


The workshop's primary goal is to build upon and enhance awareness and knowledge of how bias and equity-related topics impact an organization's engagement, decision-making, and cultural practices. It highlights how attitudes, stereotypes and cultural preferences can lead to feelings, actions, behaviours and decisions that can benefit some within the workforce but impede others from succeeding, such as not having a voice or a seat at the decision-making table.

Through practical insights and relevant examples, participants will acquire knowledge and an appreciation for the benefits of maintaining more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and unbiased relationships. They will also deepen their learning by discussing the adverse effects caused when equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-oppression, and accessibility are not a focus, including inequity, lack of inclusion, and compromised retention, engagement, innovation, teamwork, comradery, and performance. The session explores and addresses common biases and phobias within the workplace, including racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and Islamophobia, and how they influence cultural elements such as power, privilege, allyship, stereotypes, microaggressions and intersectionality.

Participants will examine opportunities to understand, identify and address oppression through their interactions within their teams and across organizations. The facilitator will provide practical strategies to minimize the impact of our blind spots and the ability to identify bias patterns to enable everyone to bring their authentic self to work. The session provides insights into why and how EDI is a culture change journey, the importance of transition planning, and tangible actions to create and build momentum.

The workshop is interactive and engaging within a safe, respectful, and inclusive space for learning.


Workshop topics include: 

  • A deep dive into understanding unconscious bias across various workplace cultures and moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion.
  • Understanding the importance of equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, belonging and psychological safety in creating and sustaining respectful workplaces
  • Enabling everyone to bringing their authentic self to the workplace 
  • Understanding the importance of anti-oppression and anti-racism by exploring Power, Privilege, Allyship, Stereotypes, Microaggressions and Intersectionality
  • Addressing bias and phobias within the workplace, including racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  • Identifying and challenging oppression personally, within teams and institutionally
  • Influencing EDI change, moving from understanding to influence, along the cultural journey
  • Equitable and inclusive policies and practices to support awareness and behaviour change


Tim Morton

Tim Morton

Tim is the Founder and President of Prompta (Latin for Readiness), proudly Canada’s first certified diverse change management consulting and executive coaching firm by the Canadian LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC), and the 2018 Canadian LGBT+ Business Enterprise of the Year.

Tim is an internationally recognized leader in driving successful business transformation and culture change. He’s passionate about facilitating effective and lasting change, building capabilities and coaching leaders to enable their organizations to thrive through change and disruption. To date, he’s supported over 30 organizations to thrive through transition, including having enabled M&A integrations valued at $32 billion in aggregate.

In 2019, Tim launched Prompta AI® a diversity, equity and inclusion culture change accelerator which utilizes NLP & Machine Learning to uncover employee/stakeholder sentiment to improve change effectiveness, business adoption and enhance employee engagement.

Tim’s work-life mission is focused on improving corporate cultures, and enhancing working lives. He’s passionate about championing culture change to effectively drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and equality. Tim facilitates safer, kinder and more accepting business environments to enable employees to bring their whole self to work.


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