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Elevating the Supply Chain Profession

Who We Are

Supply Chain Management Association Ontario (SCMAO) is one of Canada’s largest communities for supply chain professionals, with over 4,000 members and a broader community of 10,000+ supply chain professionals. Anchored by a legacy of 35 years and fuelled by a vision that has the future of supply chain at its core, the rebranded SCMAO is committed to strengthening the supply chain network which embodies end to end supply chain.

The rebranded SCMAO logo represents the 5 core functions of supply chain, namely, Procurement, Operations, Transportation /Logistics, Warehousing/ Distribution, Customer centric delivery, and the connectivity between these functions through other functions such as planning, forecasting, project management, data analysis, talent management and more. Our focus is to enable and strengthen the supply chain network, which is attributable to the effective integration of all these functions.

Our Mission

The supply chain profession has never been more vital to the progress of the Canadian economy and as the profession continues to be in the spotlight, we are on a steadfast path to deliver on our purpose: to promote awareness of the important role of supply chain management, as well to professionalize the industry through the CSCMP Designation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance the profession and make careers better for members, by ensuring global competitiveness, innovation and elevation of the supply chain profession in Canada.

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Our Team

Al-Azhar Khalfan

President & CEO


T: (416) 977-7566 x2136

E: [email protected]


Himani Dureja

VP, Education & Professional Development

T: (416) 977-7566 x2135

E: [email protected]

Alisha Seguin

Manager, Admissions & Student Relations

T: (416) 977-7566 x2150

E: [email protected]

Katie Cheshire

Manager, Academic Partners & Grants

T: 416-977-7566 x2149

E: [email protected]


Kim Sforza

VP, Member Corporate Engagement

T: (416) 977-7566 x2134

E: [email protected]

Judith Campbell

Director, Special Projects

T: (416) 977-7566 x2154

E: [email protected]

Nancy Tran

Member Engagement Advisor

T: (416) 977-7566 x2138

E: [email protected]

Gagan Dhaliwal

Membership & Education Coordinator

T: (416) 977-7566 x2145

E: [email protected]

Corporate Services

Tanaya Jain

Director, Marketing & Growth

T: (416) 977-7566 x2142

E: [email protected]

Richard Smith

Director, Finance And IT

T: (416) 977-7566 x2132

E: [email protected]

Steven Nagy

Manager, IT Systems

T: (416) 977-7566 x2139

E: [email protected]

Parth Rastogi

Marketing Representative

T: (416) 977-7566 X 2168

E: [email protected]

Ashwin Sood

Business Development Representative

T: (416) 977-7566 X 2167

E: [email protected]

Karen Gilchrist

Special Projects Coordinator

T: (416) 977-7566 x2166

E: [email protected]